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The Top 10 Roadblocks to Wealth Building - #2 Chasing Rate of Return & Market Timing

| October 15, 2019
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Roadblock #2 - Chasing Rate of Return and Market Timing

Fact or Fiction?...In order to someday have a high level of reward you have to accept and buy into a high level of risk.

FICTION. The fact is, it IS possible to have a high reward and actually get there with little or no risk at all. You can’t just hope that it will all work out and your money will enjoy a rate of return; there are no guarantees that it will.

Usually, the top ten performing mutual funds from last year are rarely the same as this year because even the professionals don’t know what will actually happen. There is no crystal ball and there is no method with which to always be in the right place at the right time with your money. Decisions with your money have to be more certain in nature. Rate of Return can be a powerful tool, however we have found a better indicator of financial success is your Rate of Saving.

So, how do you become more in control of your financial future?

  • Become a world-class saver
  • Make certain your taxes are as low as possible
  • Ensure you and your family are fully protected
  • Have the ability to access your money AND spend it at any stage of your life without fear of it ever running out

These few steps will lead you along a positive road to wealth building rather than relying solely on high-risk asset allocation decisions.

How do you start your financial journey?

It may often seem like a difficult feat to reach your financial goals. To get there, it involves creating a life centered by financial balance, it involves The Living Balance Sheet®, it involves working with a person who understands how low risk, high reward can be accomplished and how it can be embedded into your financial future. Work with a Living Balance Sheet® professional today to start your wealth building journey.

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