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Mission & Vision


Why does HPG exist?

Today, advice around your financial future is everywhere. A simple search can lead you to thousands of opinions and articles on where and how to save, eliminate debt, and build & protect your wealth. While access to all this information is, on the surface, positive, its effect can create confusion and disorganization inside of people’s - and their business’s - financial world.

At Horizon Planning Group, we have found that what is lacking today is not advice. What’s missing is a simple and effective way to test and compare this advice to find the best and most powerful solution. This helps provide the opportunity for our clients, businesses and individuals alike, to focus not on product, but on Financial Balance. The result is a holistic financial strategy that enables them to achieve happy and successful financial lives.


Where is HPG going?

We create Financial Balance in our Client’s lives through Uncommon ideas.

We create Financial Balance in our Client’s lives with Uncommon Knowledge

We create Financial Balance in People’s lives through Uncommon Ideas.

What are our values?

· Balance 

· Golden Rule

· Integrity

· Caring

· Balance

· Growth